Amazon Glacier Cost-Estimator

An unofficial, hacked-together cost-estimator for Amazon Glacier.

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  1. One month equals 30 days.
  2. Request costs ($0.05 per 1000) are not included.
  3. Amount of data stored is also the average amount for that month.
  4. Data transfer rate beyond 350 TB is priced at the 350 TB tier.
  5. You are making 1 retrieval job request that takes Amazon 4 hours to fulfull.

The Missing Amazon Glacier Cost-Estimator Calculator.

Amazon has't yet provided us with a cost calculator for their new archival storage service, Glacier, and figuring out how their pricing model translates to real-world use isn't exactly straightforward.

Sometimes the best way to understand something complicated is to interact with it.

This tool helps elucidate the relationship between cost, data retention periods, and recovery scenarios. (See disclaimer below.)

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Retrieval allowance

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Target request rate to stay within allowance:
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Explanation of Retrieval Allowance (as I understand it)

  • Allowance is 5% of your average monthly storage.
  • Average is measured from the start of the month to the time of request.
  • Allowance is pro-rated per day (UTC) which translates to about 0.17%.
  • Hourly rate only matters if you exceed your daily allowance.
  • Retrieval time is how long it takes Amazon to fulfull your request.
  • Retrieval time has nothing to do with your download speed.


{{ storageCost | currency }}
{{ retrievalCost | currency }}
{{ deletionCost | currency }}
{{ transferCost | currency }}
{{ totalCost | currency }}

Disclaimer: This tool was built on quite a few assumptions and estimations. I can't attest to its accuracy. It's neither endorsed nor affiliated with Amazon AWS. The rates are referenced from the Glacier pricing page and Glacier FAQ.